eMARx automates the entire medication management and administration process.

Following the transfer of the Omnicell eMAR business to Systema Solutions Ltd, you have been redirected to the eMARx website.

Systema Solutions Ltd. along with our distribution partner, Solid State Technologies Ltd, are a leading software provider to the UK care home market, and the original owners and developers of the eMARx system, you’re in great hands as we service your needs going forward. We’re trusted by thousands of care home users, from single-site operators to large multi-home organisations, and we’ll provide you with an excellent service and product offerings into the future.

The system gathers information, provides prompts and accurate instructions for staff. It also gives managers real time administration data at the touch of a button. Each individual medication is identified through barcodes generated at the pharmacy. These can then be tracked at all stages, from check in at the care home to administration. Tracking even works when unused items are disposed of or returned to the pharmacy.
eMARx makes the medication administration process more efficient. But it also reduces medication administration errors, making the whole process safe, easy and reliable. The system captures every user interaction, providing an end to end accurate audit trail. National regulatory inspections are much easier with eMARx. This provides peace of mind that all patient medication has been administered safely. Easy to follow processes for all staff and the reliable data show that everyone received the right medication and dose at the right time.



Making medication administration safe. Uses a simple alert and verification system, personalised resident information and barcode scanning.


Making medication administration simple. Has an easy to use system and improved handovers between care teams.


Making medication administration compliant. Gives managers a complete view of what is happening across the home with a reporting suite and manager's dashboard.

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